Division IV: Engineering Sciences

Committee on Metrology
and Scientific Instrumentation

VOLUME IX - NUMBER 2/2002 [previous] [next]


Janusz Gajda - Uncertainty of an identification process89
Andrzej Muciek - Analysis of intercomparison measurements by the method of least squares101
Jerzy Czajkowski - Assessment of transmission errors in maritime digital alerting system113
Waldemar Minkina, Sławomir Gryś - Application of adaptive signal processing in error compensation of transient temperature measurements125
Sławomir Zator - Numerical study on a hydraulic converter in a laser Doppler flowmeter141
Adam Boryczko - Conditions for measurement, analog-to-digital conversion and frequency analysis of irregularities of profile surface159
Roman Kaszyński, Marek Jaskuła - Averaging BAEP signals with parametric time-varying filter171
Januariusz Górecki - Identification of thermokinetic properties of dust deposits179