Division IV: Engineering Sciences

Committee on Metrology
and Scientific Instrumentation

VOLUME X - NUMBER 4/2003 [previous] [next]


Jadwiga Lal-Jadziak - Bias and variance of crosscorrelation function estimator determined on the basis of signals resulting from A-D conversion with dither341
Anna Domańska - The signal-to-noise ratio and the resolution of dither signal A-D conversion systems353
Jerzy Hoja - A metrological analysis of the input circuit of an impedance meter367
Januariusz Górecki, Krzysztof Kubas - Theoretical/experimental evaluation of metrological properties of the oscillatory flowmeter by means of dimensional analysis381
Józef Kwiczala - Orthogonal current sources in a system for current transformer error determination395
Janusz Janiczek, Maria Woźniak - Calibration of a multiparameter sensor: an example of flow meters with unnormalized pneumatic resistance411
Adam Żuchowski - Stan samowzbudnych drgań stabilnych jako metoda identyfikacji dynamiki nielinowego obiektu419