Division IV: Engineering Sciences

Committee on Metrology
and Scientific Instrumentation

VOLUME XX - NUMBER 3/2013 [previous] [next]


1. Nieminen J., Voigt J., Hartwig S., Scheer H., Burghoff M., Trahms L., Ilmoniemi R. - Improved contrast in ultra-low-field mri with time-dependent bipolar prepolarizing fields: theory and nmr demonstrations327
2. Dziadak B., Makowski L., Michalski A. - Some practical problems of communications reliability inenviromental monitoring systems337
3. Susek W., Stec B. - short-range noise radar with microwave correlator for through-the-wall detection351
4. Taskovski D., Koleva L., Milchevski A., Dimcev V. - near perfect reconstruction filter banks for power quality analysis359
5. Zoladz M. - A system for 256-channel in vitro recording of the elect rophysiological activity of brain tissue371
6. Alexey A., Sik O., Grmela L., Sikula J. - Ageing of cadmium telluride radiation detectors and its diagnostics with low frequency noise385
7. Okoniewski P., Piskorowski J. - An efficient method of group delay equalization for digital IIR filters395
8. Zavala De Paz J.P., Castillo Castañeda E., Soto Herrera J., Turchiuli C. - Measurement of agglomerate shape using three-dimensional reconstruction based on a laser displacement sensor407
9. Damasevicius R., Stuikys V., Toldinas J. - Methods for measurement of energy consumption in mobile devices419
10. Uklejewski R., Winiecki M., Rogala P. - Computer aided stereometric evaluation of porostructural-osteoconductive properties of intra-osseous implant porous coatings431
11. Mazikowski A., Trojanowski M. - Measurements of spectral spatial di stribution of scattering materials for rear projection screens used in virtual reality systems443
12. Palacios R., Hansman R.J. - Filtering enhanced traffic management system (etms) altitude data453
13. Pereira J.M.D., Viegas V., Postolache O., Girão P.S. - A smart and distributed measurement system to acquire and analyze mechanical motion parameters465
14. Wengierow M., Salbut L., Ramotowski Z., Szumski R., Szykiedans K. - Measurement system based on multi-wavelength interferometry for long gauge block calibration479
15. Dudzik S. - Characterization of material defects using active thermography and an artificial neural network491
16. Kalinowski P., Woźniak Ł., Strzelczyk A., Jasinski P., Jasinski G. - Efficiency of linear and non-linear classifiers for gas identification from electrocatalytic gas sensor501
17. Cieszczyk S. - A local model and calibration set ensemble strategy for open-path ftir gas measurement with varying temperature513