Division IV: Engineering Sciences

Committee on Metrology
and Scientific Instrumentation

VOLUME XX - NUMBER 4/2013 [previous] [next]


1. Kokolanski Z. , Gavrovski C. , Dimcev V. , Makraduli M. - Hardware techniques for improving the calibration performance of direct resistive sensor-to-microcontroller interface529
2. Kraszewski M. , Bogdanowicz R. - Laser reflectance interferometry sys tem with a 405 nm laser diode for in situ measurements of CVD diamond thickness543
3. Mocko W. - Analysis of the impact of the frequency range of the tensometer bridge and projectile geometry on the results of measurements by the split Hopkinson pressure bar method555
4. Jevtic N. , Drndarevic V. - Design and implementation of plug-and-play analog resistance temperature sensor565
5. Kopka R., Tarczynski W. - Measurement system for determination of supercapacitor equivalent parameters581
6. Janeczek K., Jakubowska M., Koziol G., Jankowski-Mihulowicz P. - Passive UHF RFID-enabled sensor system for detection of product's exposure to elevated temperature591
7. Samper D., Santolaria J., Majarena A., Aguilar J. - Correction of the refraction phenomenon in photogrammetric measurement systems601
8. Jendernalik W., Blakiewicz G., Handkiewicz A., Melosik M. - Analogue CMOS ASICS in image processing systems613
9. Blaszczak U. - Method for evaluating discomfort glare based on the analysis of a digital image of an illuminated interior623
10. Sita Z., Sedlakova V., Majzner J., Sedlak P., Sikula J., Grmela L. - Analysis of noise and non-linearity of I-V characteristics of positive temperature coefficient chip thermistors635
11. Kowalewski M., Lentka G. - Fast high-impedance spectroscopy method using sinc signal excitation645
12. Baszczyk M., Dorosz P., Glab S., Kucewicz W., Mik Ł., Sapor M. - Silicon photomultiplier gain compensation algorithm in multidetector measurements655
13. Tomczuk K. - A high pressure resonator transducer with programmed correction of static characteristics667
14. Galla S., Konczakowska A. - Application of infrared thermography to non-contact testing of varistors677
15. Klimek J. - Coupled energy measurements in multi-core photonic-crystal fibers689
16. Skorupski K. - Low-loss connection of hybrid fibre optic systems with low sensitivity to wavelength697
17. Ferrigno L., R. Morello R., Paciello V., Pietrosanto A. - Remote metering in public networks705