Division IV: Engineering Sciences

Committee on Metrology
and Scientific Instrumentation

VOLUME XXI - NUMBER 1/2014 [previous] [next]


1. Stevanović D., Petković P. - A single-point method based on distortion power for the detection of harmonic sources in a power system003
2. Stadler A., Zawi¶lak Z., Dziedzic A., Nowak D. - Noise spectroscopy of resistive components at elevated temperature015
3. Iwasińska-Kowalska O. - A system for precise laser beam angular steering027
4. Sidor T. - Metrological properties of A/D converters utilizing higher order sigma-delta modulators compared with A/D converters with modulators of first order037
5. Baranowski P., Gieleta R., Malachowski J., Damaziak K., Mazurkiewicz L. - Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar impulse experimental measurement with numerical validation047
6. Djamal M., Watanabe K., Irisa K., Prayogi I., Takita A., Yamaguchi T., Fujii Y. - Dynamic characteristics measurements of a force transducer against small and short-duration impact forces059
7. Nozdrzykowski K., Janecki D. - Comparative studies of reference measurements of cylindrical surface roundness profiles of large machine components067
8. Grzelak S., Kowalski M., Czoków J., Zieliński M. - High resolution time-interval measurement systems applied to flow measurement077
9. Santolaria J., Conte J., Pueo M., Javierre C. - Rotation error modeling and identification for Robot kinematic calibration by circle point method085
10. Borkowski D., Barczentewicz S. - Power grid impedance tracking with uncertainty estimation using two stage weighted least squares099
11. Frankiewicz M., Gołda A., Kos A. - Investigation of heat transfer in integrated circuits111
12. Zhang M., Li K., He S., Wang J. - Design and test of a new high-current electronic current transformer with a Rogowski coil121
13. Boryczko A., Rytlewski W. - Surface irregularities as a complex signal of tool representation together with uneven displacement in respect to the workpiece133
14. Wojciechowski S., Twardowski P., Wieczorowski M. - Surface texture analysis after ball end milling with various surface inclination of hardened steel145
15. Stoeck T., Abramek K. - Application of the polynomial interpolation method for determining performance characteristics of a diesel engine157