Division IV: Engineering Sciences

Committee on Metrology
and Scientific Instrumentation

VOLUME XXI - NUMBER 2/2014 [previous]


1. Wojtas J., Rutecka B., Popiel S., Nawała J., Wesołowski M., Mikołajczyk J., Cudziło S., Bielecki Z. - Explosives vapors-concentrating and optoelectronic detection177
2. Wagner J., Morawski R., Miękina A. - Comparison of fie svd-based algorithms for calibration of spectrophotometric analyzers191
3. Dunst K., Jasinski G., Jasinski P. - Potentiometric oxygen sensor with solid state reference electrode205
4. Olencki A., Mróz P. - Testing of energy meters under three-phase determined and random nonsinusoidal conditions217
5. Brau A., Valenzuela M., Santolaria J., Aguilar J. - Evaluation of different probing systems used in articulated arm coordinate measuring machines233
6. Podulka P., Dobrzański P., Pawlus P., Lenart A. - The effect of reference plane on values of areal surface topography parameters from cylindrical elements247
7. Zhang M., Li K., Wang J., He S. - An on-site calibration system for electronic instrument transformers based on LabVIEW257
8. Niemczewska-Wójcik M., Sładek J., Tabaka M., Wójcik A. - Product quality assessment - measurement and analysis of surface topography271
9. Wang Q., Yang X., Yan X., Qin K. - High-efficiency carrier frequency estimation algorithm for real-time multi-domain communication signal analysis281
10. Trojanowski S., Ciszek M., Maievskyi E. - Design of a race-track coil for measurements of AC power losses in high-temperature superconducting tapes293
11. Grzelak S., Czoków J., Kowalski M., Zieliński M. - Ultrasonic flow measurement with high resolution305
12. He W., Xu G., Rong Z., Li G., Liu M. - Automatic calibration system for digital-display vibrometers based on machine vision317
13. Baranowski P., Damaziak K., Malachowski J., Mazurkiewicz L., Polakowski H., Piatkowski T., Kastek M. - Thermovision in the validation process of numerical simulation of braking329
14. Lamonaca F., Carrozzini A., Grimaldi D., Sante Olivito R. - Improved Accuracy of Damage Index Evaluation in Concrete Structures by Simultaneous Hardware Triggering341
15. Łuczak S. - Dual-axis test rig for MEMS tilt sensors351
16. Sadowski J. - Velocity measurement using the FDOA method in ground-based radio navigation system363